“TLC is working hard to determine new technology that is available and appropriate for our culture that will help continue to train our graduates. While we will continue to provide an internet-free zone on the Thunderhead Ranch so that our students can remember the values of good ol’ face-to-face communication, but internet-based resources are critically important to preserve our history and make our teachings more available to graduates when they are not on the ranch. As TLC’s Digital Communications Specialist, Will plays an important role to help the college with these projects and decisions.” -Laurie Goodman, TLC’s Executive Director

“One of my primary responsibilities is to provide quality content to our alumni and graduates; be that photos, articles for the warrior, and most importantly, videos. I’m looking forward to seeing how these will eventually be used to expand TLC’s education products.” – Will McClure

Will McClure is TLC’s Digital Communications Specialists and has been since 2016. He began his time with TLC as the Audio-Visual (AV) specialist during the summer months and then expanded his efforts into the winter months to help organize a complete uploading of the entire digital video archive to the cloud which includes the complete works of Trial Lawyer’s College and partial works of Gerry Spence.  In the past year, his responsibilities have been expanded to now include social media marketing outreach. He is also part of the ranch staff team during the summer months, and recording and archiving TLC summer courses. He will also be attending the Texas Regional on Discovering the Story in April.

Digital Communications Specialist Role

Will reports to TLC’s Executive Director, Laurie Goodman and assists administrative staff and TLC’s marketing team to produce podcasts, videos, Facebook posts, the quarterly Warrior magazine, and other outreach content. Will is also in collaboration with TLC’s Registrar and Andrew Delaney to develop an Alumni Brief Archive that will be available to use at their discretion on the TLC website. He is also creating and expanding TLC’s online video and photo archive.

“One thing the alumni can look forward to in the future is having a very operating YouTube channel where students can find videos of themselves, their classmates, or their classes in general from the last 10 years and the first couple years of TLC.”

During summer months, Will also assists with ranch-wide tasks and projects at Thunderhead Ranch. He will provide Information Technology needs to help faculty and staff as needed, as well as coordinate with ranch staff on managing interns to prepare classrooms and outdoor spaces for students use upon arrival to their course programs.

“I’ll be arriving the first of May, getting ready for folks to come in the first of June. As always doing new projects; painting, cleaning up, who knows? Things always come up at the ranch that need to be improved or fixed for future programs. I love the flexibility of my job that I get to work with the ranch manager and the ranch team on making sure the Thunderhead Ranch is a safe and effective learning environment.”

Will also helps with TLC’s new marketing outreach in content, videos, posting to social media, and finding the best photos to share. “It has been a real pleasure for us to bring TLC’s marketing in-house this year. We are providing more specialized content, sensitive to what alumni and students want to see.”

Will is here to…

  • Complete the technical and organizational aspects of TLC’s digitized video archive, which will ultimately be available in a variety of creative ways determined by the TLC board for further graduate training
  • Find and produce videos of your class or course session
  • Provide images of your class or faculty during your program
  • Perform Information Technical needs on TLC’s video and photo archive system
  • Manage TLC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and other outreach roles
  • Work with the ranch staff team to ensure the Thunderhead Ranch is a safe and efficient campus for learning.

Will’s extended goals for the progression of his role

By the end of summer 2018, Will is planning to have the TLC video archives from 2001 to present edited and uploaded to the cloud, ready for further review by TLC and F Warrior board members to determine the next steps to make these available to the entire tribe. At some point later this year or the beginning of next year, after a final decision has been reached on the future use of the archive, McClure will work to get more alumni and students involved.

Will will be at the Discovering the Story Regional in Hunt, Texas in April, and will be at Thunderhead Ranch for opening tasks in May. Have questions for Will and his work as Digital Communications Specialists? You can email him directly at will@triallawyerscollege.org.