In 2018, TLC’s Board of Directors decided to offer constellation regionals which are intended to teach the TLC Methods in more locations across the nation in smaller group formats so students can work more one-on-one with faculty members on their cases. “Constellations provide up-close, personal exploration of your cases and ramping up your trial style. It’s intense and hands-on.” – Paula Estefan, ’06 TLC Grad.

Last year the Trial Lawyers College had great success in offering these programs, so TLC’s Board decided to have them again this year in three additional locations. The 2019 Constellation Regionals are on the TLC Methods of Voir Dire in nine locations across the nation on three separate dates. In addition to trial skills, students will experience psychodrama and learn how the psychodramatic methods can be applied to trial skills, as well as a day and a half working on Voir Dire trial skills with our trained faculty.

Gerry Spence’s Methods of Voir Dire introduces students to a method of jury selection in which they will learn how to identify the danger points in their cases, to reframe them into points of power, and how to approach potential jurors as an inclusive, rather than exclusive, process. An advantage of this seminar is that it offers a 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio. You will definitely get the opportunity to work directly with an instructor on your case.” – Ron Estefan, ’05 TLC Grad.

February 22-24, 2019

The February Constellation Regionals are located in Alaska, New Mexico, and Louisiana. John Sloan is TLC’s Board President and is the faculty leader of our New Mexico Regional. He has tried over 100 cases to a jury verdict and has a national trial practice, having successfully handled cases in many states across America.“The subject matter is voir dire which many trial lawyers see as the most difficult trial skill to master. We are taking a limited number of students so that the student-teacher ratio will be optimal for learning. As you know we learn by doing at TLC so everyone at this seminar will be given an opportunity to work. We have some of TLC’s best teachers coming so bring your cases that you know well and let us help you prepare them for your upcoming jury trials.” – John Sloan, Board President & ’98 TLC Grad

March 22-24, 2019

TLC’s March Constellation Regionals are located in Texas, California, and Hawaii. Texas and California are regularly visited by TLC, but offering an additional regional in the beautiful state of Hawaii will feature more beach based learning. “We TLC lawyers often face overwhelming challenges. An overall effective strategy for our work and lives is of critical importance to all of us. We must simply pay attention to ourselves before we falter. Join Ben Bunn and I at the Kauai Constellation seminar in March. In addition to the voir dire curriculum that is the focus of the seminar, Ben and I will offer attendees optional add-on sessions to work on work-life issues along with personalized strategies and game-planning.” – Ken Turek, ’98 TLC Grad

April 26-28, 2019

The April Constellation Regionals are located in Florida, Illinois, and New York. TLC’s Communications Expert, Joshua Karton, will be hosting a communication workshop during this seminar. “Any opportunity to work with Josh Karton is a gift.” – Lloyd Bell, ’12 TLC Grad. Betsy Greene, one of the faculty leaders at the Chicago Regional has personally tried over one hundred jury trials in her career. “All the Trial College teaching events are valuable. The thing I like most about the Constellation Regionals is the limited number of students. Students have more time on their feet and working their cases in an intimate, safe atmosphere that promotes creativity and learning.” – Betsy Greene, ’05 TLC Grad

Join TLC at one of the 2019 Constellation Regionals to learn how to become the leader of your tribe — one composed of you and your jurors — who together will win justice for your client. “Give me an effective voir dire and opening statement, and as long as the trial lawyer maintains his or her credibility, the case is won.” – Gerry Spence, Co-Founder of the Trial Lawyers College

Interested in becoming apart of the large community of TLC Alumni as graduates of the Trial Lawyers College? Apply to TLC’s Flagship 3-Week College in July and September. Apply here!