Attendee of TLC’s “Experience The Magic” Seminar in June 2013:

“I just tried my second jury trial since attending the 1-week program at the Trial Lawyers College last summer.  The cases were small so this is not a brag post!  But I put to use what I learned and I had both plaintiffs “re-enact” the crash and I saw that the jury was totally engaged.  The jury took notes and asked questions, which was the first time I experienced the jury asking me questions.

I came to Wyoming last June with little spirit, and too many losses.  In my head, I know that the facts are the facts, and we really don’t get to try our good cases because all of those settle.  Still, in my heart, I always second-guessed myself.  I felt a difference in myself after I attended this program and that has translated into more confidence — and success in the courtroom!  I received the best compliment I could imagine today from a couple of jurors who told me that they appreciated my passion.  It was very empowering to hear that my passion for what I do is coming across to jurors as a real emotion.  It finally feels natural and real and I am thrilled to try cases again — a feeling I haven’t had for a long time.  Please share my gratitude with the staff from this summer, and my thanks for all that the College has done for me and my clients.”