Episode 37: TLC Faculty Member Greg Reeves on Being a Trial Lawyer

“We had a client who was charged with capital murder, his roommate was found dead; my client had cleaned out his bedroom totally, he was arrested two weeks later in a hotel room under an alias, had nothing but a six pack of beer and blood on his pants, the neighbors said my client had threatened to kill his roommate, they brought in a jail cellmate at trial saying he had roomed with my client awaiting trial (my client had awaited trial for 3 years), and my client had admitted to the murder, my client was supposed to report to a probation officer each month for being on parole for a murder and he didn’t do that, and with that said, we walked away with an acquittal. Not that we spared his life, but that we came back with a straight-up ‘not guilty’.” – Greg Reeves, ’98 TLC Grad & Faculty Member

TLC Faculty Member Greg Reeves talks with Trial Lawyer Talk Host, and TLC Grad, Scott Glovsky about a capital murder case victory after 5 years of being a trial lawyer. “The capital case was noteworthy to me because it was how I found my way to TLC. I watched Gerry Spence’s videotapes, tried the case, got an acquittal and signed up for TLC in ’98 ! ” Greg believes trial lawyers can learn a lot from comedians in the way they tell their story in front of an audience. Greg also explains how he uses powerful tools to find the universal truth in every case.

Included in this Episode

  • The win of a capital murder case
  • The power of story
  • The importance of listening
  • What comedians can teach trial lawyers
  • Using tools to find the universal truth in cases
  • How focus groups help in case preparation
  • The similarities of preparing for a football game to preparing for trial

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Interviewing Greg Reeves

Greg Reeves graduated from the TLC Class of ’98 and lives in Decatur, Alabama with his wife and family. He has been a trial lawyer for more than 25 years. Among many of his successes, Greg is most proud of securing an acquittal for a client charged with capital murder. He has shifted his focus primarily to injury cases and has successfully employed a less is more method, obtaining six-figure verdicts. Greg has been featured in Lawyer’s Weekly USA, noting this approach. In 2008, Greg felt called to serve his community and was elected to the Decatur City Council, a position he held for 4 years, serving 2 years as President of the Council. He has served as adjunct faculty at the Alabama School of Law and has been on the faculty of the Trial Lawyers College several years.

Host, Scott Glovsky – Trial Lawyer Talk

Scott graduated from TLC in 2007 and has been a faculty member since 2014. He has been practicing law since 1993 when he graduated from Cornell School of Law. Scott’s practice emphasizes personal injury and is nationally recognized as an advocate for the rights of the injured and insurance policyholders. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award, Consumer Attorneys Association of California’s “California Street Fighter of the Year” award and the “President’s Award of Merit” from the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.