By Jim McMillen, TLC 2001

I was fortunate to be a part of an outstanding TLC session at Ron Estefan, Andy Vickery, Andy Rubenstein, and Todd Kelly’s office here in Houston to help Marinia Douenat prepare her client for a Medicade Fraud trial. Marina is with the federal public defender’s office in Houston. These Warriors have a courtroom in their offices. Ron Estefan directed and did an outstanding job. It was a full day and worth every minute we spent. There was a very good attendance of some of the best warriors and Marinia brought her entire crew that is assisting her to prepare for trial. Some of the warriors flew in from out of state to help Marinia prepare for trial. It is a tough case with difficult issues, but I believe she will be ready to try it.

The session established how important it is that follow the structure of a psychodrama session that we learned at the ranch instead of a hap hazard approach. Effective use of the tools we learned and innovated approaches are important, but so is the structure we learned at TLC.

Ron began with a warm up session similar to the warm ups we use in the barn. Then Phillip was introduced as our protagonist. As the session progressed all of the tools we use became a part of the session. Phillip and the non TLC attorney and individuals immediately became involved. It was an intensive session that lasted a whole day including the sharing part of the session. At the end we all expressed the problems we felt Phillip and his attorneys would face in the case so they could work on them. We ended with our circle of confidentiality.

It reminded me of my own psychodrama at a psychodrama workshop with Katlin directing. I was the process of divorce in a long term marriage depressed and a mental mess. I was trying to find the answer what went wrong and how to move into the future. I was disturbed at what part my role as an attorney played. Katlin quickly saw that it was time to introduce ‘Justice’ as a role character into my psychodrama. It was a brilliant move. I was able to express my anger, pain and hurt to ‘Justice’. It was the breakthrough I needed to start the healing process and to move in the right direction. In was one of those moments of understanding in life. Often we associate only real people in our psychodrama and forget that we can introduce inanimate objects and concepts as character roles that can lead to break throughs. It is important to remember this.

Thanks to Ron those in his office and all those who attended for a great day, TLC is alive and well in Houston. I have a couple of jury trials coming up soon with significant emotional damages and considering asking the TLC warriors in Houston and others who can attend to help prepare the witnesses. The skill level of the Houston TLC warriors is extremely impressive and they are always willing to help.

I love trial warriors.