We had the chance to sit down and talk with this seminar’s Faculty Co-Leader, Greg Westfall from Fort Worth, TX about his years with TLC and specifically why criminal defense lawyers should come to the new week-long criminal defense seminar, In Defense of the Damned: Murder, Capital Murder and other serious felonies.”The first thing that comes to my mind is, “To help you win trials. This course is going to help you win trials. Period.”

Criminal defense lawyers, and I’m one of them, are a traumatized lot and those who fight the death penalty are the most traumatized of any lawyers that I know. Eventually, in death penalty work, you face a choice: you can either quit, or stop caring. And ultimately you have to do one of those things or it will kill you. You find yourself standing next to a human being who stands a pretty good chance of disappearing at the end of this trial. If you play by the rules that everyone has come up with, the very last words in the rule book are: “this defendant goes to the penitentiary until he dies”. As an effective criminal defense lawyer, you have to figure out a way to not play by the rules. It’s not an under-statement to say you will win trials after going to this course. That is the number one thing that I want people to know: You don’t have to lose these cases. You can win your trials.”

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