“I’m excited and nervous about the new role I’m taking on for TLC. I attended my first Psychodrama Seminar at Thunderhead Ranch in 2016 and that literally changed my life. I’ve loved baking cookies and working solely in the kitchen at the ranch, so it’s exciting for me to be given this new challenge to work even closer with TLC’s students. It’s a lot to wrap my brain around – supporting Pat McLain and the F Warrior Alumni organization, keeping track of people, making sure I help them stay apart of the tribe, taking care of the little things like magazine subscriptions and LWG contact info, all sorts of things so that alums feel fully connected to the tribe. I’m here to cater to the alumni of TLC and since that’s a huge part of TLC, I’m honored to do it.” – Missy Adrian

Missy has taken on the new full-time role of Alumni Relations Assistant last September. She has been a big part of TLC since 2012. You may remember her cooking your breakfast or making fantastic desserts in the kitchen at Thunderhead Ranch. Well, while you will still see her in the kitchen in the summers, Missy’s dedication to the college and love for the students was so apparent to Laurie that she offered her a new position to solidify the obvious: take care and pay attention to the students and alumni at TLC! She already follows them on social media and is friends with most on Facebook. She keeps them in the loop on the Work Weekend, she knows who’s getting married, having babies, or what their kids are up to. “She’s perfect for this job”, says Laurie.

One of the biggest aspects of her role as Alumni Relations Assistant will be to make sure alumni connect with their graduating classmates and other Warriors well into the future.

Alumni Relations Assistant

Missy will report to Executive Director, Laurie Goodman and work closely with the administrative team and F Warrior Alumni Board to assist in the outreach and promotion of programs and other projects that enlist, engage, and support TLC alumni in their work as trial lawyers for people, strengthen the Trial Lawyers College in its mission, and provide tangible benefits to the tribe.

“It’s fun to work with Patrick (McLain, President of the F Warriors Board) and the entire alumni board as they work to further the connections within the TLC community and build the alumni commitment to our common cause of pursuing justice that is so important to TLC after graduation. Patrick is very organized and is taking on a lot by becoming the new President of the F Warriors, so working with him is a work in progress right now. I attended the November F Warrior Annual Meeting, and am available to both him and his board members, and assisting Laurie, Nancy, and Lori in any way that I can as they work with our alumni. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work!”

Missy is here for…

  • Assist the F Warrior Alumni Board with their TLC responsibilities
  • Facilitate camaraderie; connections with fellow classmates
  • Build new and old classmate connections
  • Help facilitate alumni-led Local Working Groups across the country
  • Help with recruitment; assisting prospective students and keeping graduates connected to the college
  • Communication, communication, communication! If there is something you need to know about the College or some information you need to get your hands on, Missy is here to help
  • Assist alumni with their access to the website; update your profile, get archived copies of Warrior articles, a follow-up to listserves, and the like!
  • Manage TLC’s LinkedIn account and other outreach

Missy wants to turn this new position into a well-oiled machine; to remind students how they felt when they first left a regional or graduated from the college. She wants to ensure folks that there will be no hesitation to help any alum who wants the information they are looking for. Missy is committed to making sure that no one at TLC feels neglected or un-necessary, because she knows every student, every attendee, and every graduate has important gifts to give, and talents to share. Since everyone is always growing, there is always room to learn more – which goes for the TLC admin team as well as alumni.

Interested in getting a new local working group started in your area? Email Missy here!

The next time you can see Missy will be at the Voir Dire Regional Seminar in Newport Beach, California. She will also be attending Discovering the Story Regional in Hunt, Texas in April, and will be at Thunderhead Ranch for opening tasks in May.