Todd Kelly, TLC 2009, is litigating this case.

From ABC News

KBR, company that has been sued repeatedly for alleged sexual assaults and harassment of female employees, has been voted one of the best companies for women to work for by a magazine aimed at female engineers.

Woman Engineer named the Houston-based contracting company number 46 in the 2011 version of the magazine’s annual list of the top 50 best workplaces. Winners were chosen by readers who responded to a survey, and the magazine will publish the full list later this month.

KBR has extensive contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Attorney Todd Kelly, who has so far represented five former KBR employees who have alleged sexual assault or harassment, told ABC News that in all about 40 women have contacted his office about alleged incidents that occurred while they were working overseas for KBR or at one of its facilities.

Kelly said he didn’t think the women he’s interviewed or represented would be pleased with Woman Engineer’s honor. “The women that I’ve spoken with personally, who have talked about just rampant misconduct, sexual and otherwise, by KBR management, I don’t think would agree with that distinction,” said Kelly. “I find it extremely interesting that the timing of that particular distinction comes out just a couple of months before the Jamie Jones trial is about to start.”

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