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TLC Podcast Episode 77: On the Front Lines of the Black Lives Matter Protests with Photojournalist Amy Katz

2020-10-16T20:51:20-06:00October 16, 2020|TLC Podcast|

Photojournalist Amy Katz shares her experiences in covering the Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon. On July 29, Amy was shot with rubber bullets while walking in a single file line with several other journalists clearly identified as PRESS. The shooters, wearing US military camouflage and gas masks, refused to identify themselves or the particular agency who employed them.

TLC Podcast Episode 75: Mike Marrinan on Police Accountability

2020-09-11T14:15:17-06:00September 11, 2020|TLC Podcast|

In this timely podcast, TLC alum and faculty member Mike Marrinan discusses how holding police accountable in modest abuse cases could prevent more serious cases. Mike is a San Diego attorney dedicated to representing victims of police misconduct in state and federal civil rights cases. According to Mike, police culture has developed in a way that encourages and accepts the use of more force than is necessary. This culture tolerates the militarization of policing and breeds more and more abuse, especially when no one is held accountable. Mike describes how video has changed the perception of the public regarding excessive force and raised public awareness and increased support for changing the protection of qualified immunity. Important Links  Register for TLC's [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 74: Rafe Foreman on Trial Skills Foundation Training at the Trial Lawyers College

2020-08-31T20:37:57-06:00August 29, 2020|TLC Podcast|

In this week's podcast, host Rafe Foreman takes you on a journey through the essential TLC Trial Skills, from voir dire through to closing argument. Gain insights on how best to integrate TLC's groundbreaking methods into your case as Rafe describes the how and why of the various skills and methods. Listen as Rafe takes two jurors on a carefully guided path toward cause. Learn from the wisdom of Helen Simotas as her quote about "seeing" brings light and understanding to this program. Feel the tension between inclusion and exclusion, and carve your own path up that steep grade. Engage yourself on a deeper level and feel the emotions as you listen to the sage wisdom of Don Clarkson and [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 73: Ron Estefan on the TLC F Warrior Alumni Organization and TLC Fall Virtual Seminars

2020-08-17T20:18:24-06:00August 15, 2020|TLC Podcast|

"When you walk into a courtroom with TLC're exactly what the jury doesn't expect a lawyer to be. You're a human being, and there is a common bond, and walls coming down between jurors and TLC-trained lawyers." In this week's podcast, host Rafe Foreman talks to TLC faculty member and former F Warrior Alumni Board member Ron Estefan. In this wide-ranging interview, Ron discusses the strength of the F Warrior alumni organization and its efforts to keep TLC graduates engaged, active, and involved through the development of TLC regional programs, local working groups, TLC's Warrior Magazine, and many other efforts. "It is so TLC to not let things keep us from what's most important to us, which is finding [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 71: Vicki Slater on the History and Future of the Jury Trial

2020-08-17T20:55:25-06:00July 31, 2020|TLC Podcast|

It began for us back in 1215, when King John signed the greatest document of freedom and human rights ever imagined. That document, the Magna Carta, established the full right to a trial by jury of your peers. In today's podcast, TLC alum and faculty member Vicki Slater (TLC 2003) takes us back over 800 years to the foundation of our greatest freedom. Enjoy her recitation of a seminal case 400 years after the right to a trial by jury was established. An upstart advocate fought for his client, a Mr. Bushel, who dogmatically refused to be manipulated by the King. That advocate was responsible for the foundations of the First Amendment to the US Constitution as he was prone to [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 70: TLC Grad Ben Cloward Talks With a Juror from His Recent Trial

2020-08-04T16:33:40-06:00July 24, 2020|TLC Podcast|

 Have you ever wanted to talk to the jury after a trial? TLC podcast host Rafe Foreman recommends it, and in fact insists on it himself. Imagine the insights you could gain from talking to an actual juror about the trial. Today we have what is likely to be an epic podcast, and a first in TLC history. TLC Graduate Benjamin Cloward (TLC Sept 2013) recently won a $38 million unanimous verdict for an inadequate or negligent security case in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today Ben and one of the jurors on the case join Rafe to give you a few key insights into the trial, her role and experience as a juror, and Ben’s own unique interpretation of how [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 69: Renee Stackhouse on Applying TLC Voir Dire Methods In and Out of the Courtroom

2020-08-03T15:39:11-06:00July 17, 2020|TLC Podcast|

“If there’s one takeaway from this entire thing, it’s if you’re arguing, you’re losing. No matter where you are in life -- whether it’s a courtroom or with your significant other or your best friend or a complete stranger -- if you’re arguing, you’re already down the wrong path, so take a deep breath, count to ten, and start over.” TLC graduate and faculty member Renee Stackhouse (TLC Sept 2012) visits with host Rafe Foreman about the transformative power of TLC voir dire methods, both in and out of the courtroom. Renee is a serious force in San Diego’s legal community, recognized equally for her tenacity, diligence, legal knowledge, and exceptional trial skills. As an advocate, Renee is lauded for [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 68: TLC Faculty Member Greg Westfall on Forging Connections in Criminal Defense Cases

2020-08-03T15:30:01-06:00July 10, 2020|TLC Podcast|

"How you spell love with your clients is exactly how you spell love with your kids. T-I-M-E. And if I’ve got to go and sit in a holdover with my client and get his story, I will." TLC Podcast host Rafe Foreman interviews TLC graduate, trial lawyer, and faculty member Greg Westfall on the transformative power of TLC methods in preparing for and trying a criminal defense case. In this wide-ranging interview, Greg discusses the importance of meeting your clients where they are, rather than trying to make them fit an expectation. "People will sense if you don’t like them or are afraid of them. You have to love them. If you do, then you’re thinking about them – what [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 67: Ginger Ortiz on Expanding our Cultural Competence

2020-08-03T15:23:39-06:00June 30, 2020|TLC Podcast|

 TLC alumna Ginger Ortiz (TLC Sept 2011) takes us through a deep exercise on getting in touch with our humanness. Through her own experience, she carefully guides us to help find the source in ourselves, our clients, and those we serve. She cheerfully reminds us that we must be vigilant in working on the mission statement to be inclusive worldwide. "As we all learn together, and as we all grow together, it's really individual growth that is the most transformative,” Ginger says. Using her own brilliant example, we learn about shaking up the "snow globe." According to Ginger, "Once we start working, once we begin, things start to happen." Exploring what is in your "snow globe" is often difficult, [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 66: Exoneree Darryl Burton Issues a Challenge to TLC Alumni

2020-06-23T20:32:49-06:00June 23, 2020|TLC Podcast|

Tick tock, tick tock, drip, drip, drip. For over 25 years, these sounds and the screams of mankind -- literal screams, the kind you cannot forget -- disturbed this week's special guest from his peace. Darryl Burton served hard time for a murder he did not commit. The compelling story of how he survived to walk free is an epic tale, but in his life today Darryl draws upon the experiences of the past to give others a brighter future. Today he follows a different calling -- the eternal call of faith in God. A preacher and a freedom fighter, Darryl spends his days visiting Covid-19 patients, inmates, and those who need a little faith. His nonprofit organization, The Miracle [...]

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