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TLC Podcast Episode 99: Jason Savela on the Role of Demonstrative Evidence When Navigating Tough Times

2021-04-13T09:46:17-06:00April 13, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“In order for me to do a trial right now, I need to prepare extra-special. It’s sort of like an extended warm-up to get my head in the right spot.” This week’s podcast features Jason Savela, a criminal defense lawyer with more than two decades of experience trying cases to juries in Colorado. Continuing our theme of “Managing in Tough Times,” Jason shares the details of some of his most riveting cases, guiding listeners through the hardships and triumphs that he has shared with his clients. As a TLC-trained trial lawyer, Jason stays true to the psychodramatic methods, sharing the strategies he used to discover his clients’ stories and tell them authentically to the jury. Bringing the discussion back to [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 98: Bret Merkle on Pain, Resilience, and Authenticity

2021-04-06T08:48:34-06:00April 6, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“I didn’t want anyone to see me as I really am. I thought they would reject me. That’s why, in the beginning, I worked so hard to walk perfectly -- I didn’t want anyone to see my weakness. But it was only when I was willing to let people inside and to see that is when I began to be comfortable with it as well.” Continuing our ‘Managing in Tough Times’ series is Bret Merkle, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, personal injury attorney whose life was turned upside down at the age of 21 after he sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. Suddenly facing a life with chronic pain and loss of bodily function, Bret slowly discovered sources of [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 97: Susan Hutchison on Managing in Tough Times

2021-03-30T10:45:38-06:00March 30, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“We need to see the things that are happening—the changes, the protocols, the restructuring of how this is all working—as opportunities and to find ways to embrace them and make them part of how you present your case.” This timely podcast features Texas trial lawyer Susan Hutchison, who discusses how the COVID-19 era has hindered the efficacy of the jury trial and what trial lawyers can expect in order to be better advocates for their clients as courtrooms begin to open up again throughout the nation. In sharing her and her clients’ stories of resilience and adaptation while navigating uncharted waters, Susan’s words of wisdom offer something that can resonate with all. Important Links  Learn the psychodramatic methods from home [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 96: Dana Cole on Mindful Listening

2021-03-23T07:47:55-06:00March 23, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“It’s not just the words that I say, but do I honor the words that you say?” This continuation of our ‘Words Matter’ series features Dana Cole, an associate professor of law at the University of Akron School of Law, who shares his thoughts on the power and components of an impactful story and the art of mindful listening. This refreshing approach to why words matter explores not only on the side of the storyteller but also on the side of the listener. Drawing from both his personal insight inspired by recent events and his unique understanding of the psychodramatic methods, Dana’s words embody the message of kindness, respect, and connection behind everything we do here at TLC. Important Links  [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 95: Kiesha Cannon on Effective Communication

2021-03-16T06:52:42-06:00March 16, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“I win because I’m the person who cares the most in the courtroom, not because I know the most.” This week’s podcast features Kiesha Cannon, a captivating voice for the vulnerable and the accused, who shares her insight into the simple secrets behind effective communication and connection both in and out of the courtroom. Drawing from her equally-inspiring personal and professional journeys, Kiesha provides a stark reminder of the importance of living authentically and listening with an open heart. Important Links  TLC’s spring seminars are quickly approaching! Sign up today to secure your spot: Virtual Closing Argument - March 25-28, 2021 Virtual Cross-Examination - April 22-25, 2021        Episode Guest, Lakiesha “Kiesha” Cannon Kiesha Cannon began her career [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 94: Jody Anderson on the Power of Psychodrama

2021-03-09T09:41:56-07:00March 9, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“The whole point of psychodrama is to tell the story, and the ways that lawyers have incorporated this method to tell their client’s story with such love and interest and time and attention is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever seen another human being give another human being.” This week’s podcast continues our ‘Words Matter’ series with Jody Anderson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Psychodramatist, who shares her personal and professional insight into the impact of language on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a trial lawyer’s clients. The daughter of beloved TLC Psychodramatist Kathie St. Clair, Jody follows in her mother’s footsteps with a moving exploration of the power of authenticity and spontaneity in establishing [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 93: Sam Wooden on the Connection Between Music and a Compelling Legal Case

2021-03-02T13:25:34-07:00March 2, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“They always told us in Tennessee, ‘Great songs aren’t written — they’re re-written.’ I think that saying could apply for us in our work as trial lawyers.” In this multifaceted episode of the TLC podcast, host Rafe Foreman is joined by singer/songwriter and trial attorney Sam Wooden to continue our ‘Words Matter’ series. Offering his perspective on the connection between art and the performance of the trial lawyer, Sam shares the story behind his love for music and its parallels with his discovery of psychodrama and his application of these methods to win justice for his clients. Armed with his guitar and his voice, Sam supports the link between the art of creating sound and presenting a powerful argument to [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 92: Kim Savo on the Art of Crafting Powerful Language

2021-02-23T05:34:01-07:00February 23, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“How do you know that words matter? You know because they make you feel something.” In this continuation of our podcast series titled Words Matter, Los Angeles Public Defender Kim Savo shares her insight into the connection between poetry and the presentation of a compelling opening statement. A wordsmith by nature and a passionate advocate for the accused, Kim stresses the importance of emphasizing the emotion behind a story, rather than leaning on the facts, to move jurors to justice. Staying true to the TLC methods, her moving discussion with host Rafe Foreman offers a refreshing look at the artistry behind a trial lawyer’s words. Important Links  TLC’s 2021 seminars are filling up quickly! Sign up today to secure your [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 91: Rafe Foreman on Why Words Matter

2021-02-17T09:14:18-07:00February 17, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“As advocates in the courtroom, the truth carries the day, and we have the obligation to seek the truth, to speak the truth, and to correct lies and misstatements when they’re in violation of the truth.” In this first installment of our four-part series titled ‘Words Matter’, host Rafe Foreman takes the mic to introduce the why behind this pressing topic. Why do words matter? What do words, particularly falsehoods, have the power to do? This timely episode, inspired by the recent events at our nation’s Capitol, explores each of those questions and more. While Rafe doesn’t have a straightforward solution to America’s rising issue of weaponized misinformation, his words serve to encourage further thought, discussion, and personal accountability among [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 90: Harley and Robin Zephier on What It Means to Be a Warrior

2021-02-09T07:22:03-07:00February 9, 2021|TLC Podcast|

“Our great-grandfather stood to fulfill a sacred do more than he ever thought he may have been capable of a particular time in the existence of the world for the survival of generations of all of us to come. The warriors that stand in courtrooms today—with their hand on a vulnerable, suffering person or their families—are doing that extremely honorable and important and courageous task of a warrior assigned the same type of commitment to help to make it a better world.” This episode of the TLC podcast features brothers Harley and Robin Zephier, co-authors of the book Warrior Is and members of the Mnincoju Lakota people. In a captivating discussion with host Rafe Foreman, the brothers share [...]

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