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“My Time at the Ranch” Article Originally Posted in ‘The Verdict Magazine’, by 2018 Grad, Laura Shamp

2019-05-02T09:50:38-06:00May 2, 2019|TLC Blog|

Laura Shamp is a recent 2018 September Graduate of the Trial Lawyers College. She is a plaintiff trial lawyer at her firm Shamp Jordan Woodward in Atlanta, Georgia. Laura has tried cases before the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, as well as all other trial and appellate courts in the State of Georgia. After Laura graduated from the Trial Lawyers College, she left feeling different about her practice and life. "My three weeks at the Ranch changed the way I practice. It changed the way I think, and it changed the way I live. Gerry Spence says that to be a better lawyer, you must first be a better person. I think he [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 48: TLC Grad Shares Insight into TLC’s 3-Week College Experience

2020-04-20T21:58:57-06:00April 18, 2019|TLC Podcast|

Episode 48: TLC Grad Shares Insight into TLC's 3-Week College Experience "When I was accepted to the 3-Week College, it almost felt like I was accepted into Law School all over again. The feeling of excitement, joy, and fear, I was scared. What was I about to get into? The fear of leaving my practice for a month, leaving my family for a month, and all of the emotions that surround that." - Donal McRoberts 2018 TLC Grad Welcome to episode 48 with Donal McRoberts as our guest. He started his practice in 2011 handling family law and criminal defense, and by chance had an opportunity to represent a person injured in a car accident where the insurance company was denying [...]

TLC Grad Gets Over $2.5 Million Verdict in Bexar County, Texas on ‘Minor Impact Soft Tissue’ Injury Case

2019-04-03T12:34:34-06:00April 4, 2019|TLC Blog|

TLC Faculty Leader, Ron Estefan with Israel Garcia "I used the methods I learned at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College and from Psychodrama training workshops to show the jury at a true, deep emotional level what my client had in his life before the crash and what was taken away from him; how the crash happened; and the cover-up scene after they pulled over and he realized he was run into by an off-duty police officer." - Israel Garcia, 2010 TLC Graduate Israel Garcia is a personal injury attorney based in San Antonio, Texas at his firm, the Law Office of Israel Garcia. Israel graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2010 and has since attended over eight [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 47: Faculty Member, Frank Mungo Talks Story Structure Using TLC Methods

2019-03-28T13:26:12-06:00March 28, 2019|TLC Podcast|

Episode 47: Faculty Member, Frank Mungo Talks Story Structure Using TLC Methods "First thing you want to do is set the scene. Then you want to transport your audience by telling the story in the present tense. Because then they can start seeing what the character sees as the story evolves. You try to use as much imagery as you can so they can get an idea that will allow them to draw their own image of what that looks like."- Frank Mungo, 2008 Grad & Faculty Member In this episode, Scott Glovsky, 2007 grad and faculty member, is hosting this interview with Frank Mungo. Scott is the host of successful podcast, Trial Lawyer Talk where he interviews many of [...]

Jon Hawk, TLC September ’18 Grad Wins Victory for Client in First Jury Trial After Graduating from the Trial Lawyers College

2019-03-15T11:32:44-06:00March 15, 2019|TLC Blog|

“It was the best professional decision I have made in my life and the best three weeks of growth as an attorney that I’ve had in twenty-one years of practice. I discovered I was in my ‘lawyer head’ instead of in my heart, which kept me from being the best lawyer I can be. I can tell you these words, but until you experience it for yourself, you will never understand." Jon Hawk is a personal injury trial attorney in Macon, Georgia who has tried cases before juries for over twenty-one years. He first attended TLC’s 5-day Psychodrama for Lawyers in 2017. This time spent at the ranch, and at this course (now taught as ‘Trial Skills Foundations’) piqued his [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 46: How Technology is Threatening our Personal Privacy with 2018 Grad, Tor Ekeland

2019-04-10T12:53:32-06:00March 1, 2019|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 46: How Technology is Threatening our Personal Privacy with 2018 Grad, Tor Ekeland "In our country right now, if not the entire world, there is a battle or war going on, on who gets to control the information. In the last 10-20 years, we’ve seen the rise of national surveillance states, not only in the USA but also in Europe, China, and all over the world as technology has gotten very cheap. It’s easy to surveil people particularly now that we are all carrying computers in our pockets, in the form of smartphones, that are constantly transmitting not only where we are on a map but also store all sorts of information about us." - Tor Ekeland, 2018 TLC [...]

Trial Lawyers College is a Tribe of Warriors who Fight for Justice

2019-02-27T12:52:40-07:00February 14, 2019|TLC Blog|

Gerry Spence says "Constitutional rights are those rights that serve both the innocent and criminal alike. When such rights are wrested from the criminal, they are also taken from us." As stated in the Trial Lawyers College Mission Statement; The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression. The Trial Lawyers College is comprised of a tribe of civil plaintiff and criminal defense lawyers from across the nation to have a place where they can [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 45: The Power of Place with TLC Faculty Member, Rafe Foreman

2019-01-31T11:11:05-07:00January 31, 2019|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 45: The Power of Place with TLC Faculty Member, Rafe Foreman "It is a very lonely business. It is a very isolating business. As a matter of fact, a lot of people don't have the intestinal fortitude to do it, so they don't practice criminal law or they don't take cases against a county, a municipality, or a police department because it's not politically correct in their world. This (TLC) is a world of lawyers who do the right thing, who do the tough thing, who represent the damned, the downtrodden, and the voiceless. It's a very lonely place and we need a place for those kinds of Warriors and souls to congregate and recharge to let people [...]

The Trial Lawyers College Constellation Regionals

2019-01-25T08:44:37-07:00January 24, 2019|TLC Blog|

In 2018, TLC's Board of Directors decided to offer constellation regionals which are intended to teach the TLC Methods in more locations across the nation in smaller group formats so students can work more one-on-one with faculty members on their cases. "Constellations provide up-close, personal exploration of your cases and ramping up your trial style. It’s intense and hands-on." - Paula Estefan, '06 TLC Grad. Last year the Trial Lawyers College had great success in offering these programs, so TLC's Board decided to have them again this year in three additional locations. The 2019 Constellation Regionals are on the TLC Methods of Voir Dire in nine locations across the nation on three separate dates. In addition to trial skills, students will [...]

TLC2 2017 Grad, Dominic Andriacchi Jr. Brought Justice for Client in Northern Michigan

2019-01-14T11:54:17-07:00January 10, 2019|TLC Blog|

"This trial was a TLC trial if there ever was one. I did the listening exercise, doubling, all the psychodrama methods I learned, and we were able to reenact the crash during cross-examination. I asked for over a million dollars in a conservative county in Michigan and before trial even started I had people laughing and telling me I had a frivolous case, including some of the people on the jury in the venire." - Dominic Andriacchi Jr. (TLC2 '17) Dominic Andriacchi Jr. graduated from TLC's 3-Week Flagship College in September 2017 and has since taken a new approach to fight for the clients he represents. Dominic graduated from law school in 2012 and moved back to where he grew [...]

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