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TLC2 2017 Grad, Dominic Andriacchi Jr. Brought Justice for Client in Northern Michigan

2020-12-11T07:48:58-07:00January 10, 2019|TLC Blog|

  "This trial was a TLC trial if there ever was one. I did the listening exercise, doubling, all the psychodrama methods I learned, and we were able to reenact the crash during cross-examination. I asked for over a million dollars in a conservative county in Michigan and before trial even started I had people laughing and telling me I had a frivolous case, including some of the people on the jury in the venire." - Dominic Andriacchi Jr. (TLC2 '17) Dominic Andriacchi Jr. graduated from TLC's 3-Week Flagship College in September 2017 and has since taken a new approach to fight for the clients he represents. Dominic graduated from law school in 2012 and moved back to where he [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 44: The Effectiveness of Psychodrama with Faculty Member, John Naizby

2021-01-07T08:28:10-07:00January 4, 2019|TLC Podcast|

Episode 44: The Effectiveness of Psychodrama with Faculty Member, John Naizby "Cancer has been a gift in some ways that I've really learned how precious every day is. And how to live in the present and not the future or the past, to really value every connection you have with people, stuff that I thought I did before but truth be told, it's easy to backslide if you're not always trying to evolve, and to do the work on yourself. But cancer has brought that front and center for me and I don't think I would have been able to see that part that has really truly been a gift if I had not had the experience of going through [...]

Develop and Deliver a Winning Direct Examination

2018-12-20T06:52:10-07:00December 20, 2018|TLC Blog|

TLC's Direct Examination Regional Seminar in Monterey Bay, California is January 18-20, 2019. Located on the outer edge of San Francisco and San Jose, the Seascape Resort Monterey Bay is the ideal location for a TLC regional seminar. This regional is co-led by two of TLC's long-standing faculty members, Brooks Cutter & Anne Valentine. Gerry Spence, co-founder of the Trial Lawyers College says, "The key to direct examination, as in every element of the trial, is ‘it all begins with you.’ Your job in direct exam is to help the witness effectively tell that part of the story the witness knows." Faculty Co-Leaders Brooks Cutter graduated from TLC's then once-per-year flagship college in 1998 and joined the faculty shortly after. With a [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 43: TLC Faculty Member, Eric Ganci on What it Takes to be a Top Rated DUI Lawyer

2020-12-11T07:26:52-07:00December 6, 2018|TLC Podcast|

Episode 43: TLC Faculty Member, Eric Ganci on What it Takes to be a Top Rated DUI Lawyer "There is so much math, science, and procedure that goes into taking a DUI case especially when you get into alcohol levels, alcohol absorption elimination, blood testing, breath testing, and more. If we are approaching a DUI case using the TLC method, it is about telling a story and if you are getting real deep into fact and numbers, then many times, one: you are playing into the prosecution's case and two: if you’re explaining, your losing. You have to be careful you don't get into too many facts and lose the story completely. "- Eric Ganci ('13 TLC1 Grad & Faculty Member) [...]

TLC Grad, Chad Newman Discovers the Story of a Sacred Relationship and Wins Fight Against Allstate

2018-11-29T11:29:43-07:00November 29, 2018|TLC Blog|

"Chad is a TLC grad and uses TLC methods in everything he does. To put a point on it, the defense counsel sent Chad a message after voir dire complimenting him on how authentic, or 'real' he was during jury selection." -Blake Erskine (TLC1'10) Chad Newman is a personal injury attorney at Erskine & McMahon Attorneys at Law in Longview, Texas who graduated from TLC's 3-Week College in 2012 and has rooted the TLC methods into many parts of his practice. "I see other attorneys take a 'cookie cutter' approach. They have their stack of files, prepare for trial in a few short days, maybe visit their client once or twice, then think they can represent their client to their [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 42: Birth Injury Attorney, Nelson Tyrone on Incorporating Psychodrama

2018-12-06T12:18:46-07:00November 15, 2018|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 42: Birth Injury Attorney, Nelson Tyrone on Incorporating Psychodrama "If I represent the child, I will speak as the unborn child. I will speak in first person at some point, to the jury, what is happening in the womb, what I am feeling, that I know something is going wrong, and how terrified I am."- Nelson Tyrone ('00 TLC Grad & Faculty Member) In this episode, I talk with Nelson Tyrone, famed birth injury lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia, who graduated from TLC in 2000 and joined the faculty the year following. Nelson vocalizes his connections with a birth injury and what makes what he does so rewarding. He also talks about how he uses psychodrama in his everyday [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 41: Faculty Member and Missouri PD Laura O’Sullivan on the Nationwide Public Defender Crisis

2018-10-25T09:30:44-06:00October 25, 2018|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 41: Faculty Member and Missouri PD Laura O'Sullivan on the Nationwide Public Defender Crisis "I found myself with a case load of 100 cases. I am an experienced attorney, so 6 of those were homicide cases and several others were sex cases. There is just no way that anyone can do that and do that well. So my office and I tried to pursue some statitory relief, but that required the cooperation of our local judge which called our claims horseshit in the local papers, so you can imagine that he also denied us a hearing." - Laura O'Sullivan (TLC'98) In this interview, we have a very special guest joining, Missouri Public Defender Laura O'Sullivan. Laura attended her first [...]

TLC Grad Eric Penn Receives $89.6m Justice for Client in Trucking Negligence

2018-10-19T09:55:22-06:00October 19, 2018|TLC Blog|

"I feel grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this case. I love the underdog role. It really motivates me. This was the ultimate underdog story. We represented a working class mom (Jennifer) and her three minor children who were devastated from a crash with a Werner 18-wheeler. We were going up against one of the largest trucking companies in the country, with a crash report that put zero fault on the truck driver and said that there was nothing that the 18-wheeler driver could have done to avoid the crash. You would be hard pressed to come up with more of an underdog set-up than this case. Our clients were the ultimate survivors. They refused to become 'victims', [...]

TLC Podcast Episode 40: Faculty Member Betsy Greene on How Far the TLC Method Can Be Taken

2020-12-11T07:29:18-07:00October 4, 2018|TLC Podcast|

 Episode 40: Faculty Member Betsy Greene on How Far the TLC Method Can Be Taken "Initially, I wanted to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer but then when I was a prosecutor, I had a lot of ability to help people. I really enjoy helping people. One of the greatest things about being a lawyer is that you have some power that most people don't think they have. So, it's a privilege to give voice to that." - Betsy Greene (TLC'05) PI Lawyer, Betsy Greene from Bloomington, Indiana is with us today. She has been a lawyer for over 35 years and graduated from TLC in 2005. She joined the faculty in 2010 and has since taught the TLC method at [...]

1996 TLC Grad & Faculty Member, K.O. Berger, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for her Longstanding Efforts in Juvenile Advocacy

2018-09-14T10:59:07-06:00September 13, 2018|TLC Blog|

1996 TLC Graduate and Faculty Member, K.O. Berger was awarded the Julie H. McFarlane Lifetime Achievement Award for Juvenile Advocacy on April 20, 2018, in Newport, Oregon for her impressive longstanding juvenile advocacy casework. ‘K.O. has represented juveniles since 1990. No case — and no kid — scares K.O. away. She works tirelessly for her juvenile clients, recognizing that they are kids regardless of what they are charged with, and regardless of how much the state or the court or the press try to demonize them. K.O. thoroughly and completely researches every issue and knows the national scene. Without her tenacious advocacy at the trial court level, our compatriots would not have brought home appellate victories. K.O. has also been [...]

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