TLC grads Bryan Ulmer (’99) and Tyson Logan (Sept ’10) in the Spence Firm worked with grads across the country to bring TLC-style justice in the form of a $28.3 million verdict from a federal jury to woman injured by carbon monoxide poisoning in her apartment. ($2.8 in compensatory damages; $28.2 in punitive damages.)

Bryan and Tyson said they worked with members of the tribe across the country to brainstorm and discover the story. They worked with Gerry, for hours, on themes and danger points for the voir dire and the opening and closings. They started, and constantly relied on, psychodrama work and listening work, and worked with every single witness for months and years leading up to the trial to really learn and piece together the story that needed to be told.

Upon reflection, Tyson and Bryan said “it was a great experience and humbling to see how much people from the TLC tribe are willing to share and pitch in to help make something good happen