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Trial Lawyers College Statement of Support For Black Lives Matter

June 11, 2020|

The Trial Lawyers College supports the millions of citizens who are protesting the most recent murder of another African-American person, George Floyd, by a police state that too often demonstrates racial violence resulting in serious injury or death. Protests and marches have previously occurred when police have abused their power, to the injury, incarceration and death of people of color; but the present protests are far more extensive and lasting longer. Previous protests resulted in very little change. Now, finally, the time is ripe for much needed change. There must be a reform of the nation’s police, which the American power structure has allowed to avoid accountability. There must be a reform of the criminal justice system that presently permits racially biased prosecutors to prosecute the innocent or disproportionately seek longer prison terms or worse, the death penalty for people of color. So, too, there must be reform that stops prosecutors from functionally determining case outcomes from the charges they choose to file, the bond they choose to demand, and when and how to offer pleas to indigent defendants who are disproportionately people of color. There must be reform of and accountability of a judiciary in which judges may exercise racial bias in setting bond, in sentencing, in revoking probation, and in jury selection decisions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

April 2, 2020|

As we work to do our part to keep you all safe and healthy, TLC has canceled the following spring and summer courses: Regional Constellation on Cross-Examination: March 27-29 in Santa Fe, NM and Anchorage, AK Regional Seminar on Closing Argument: April 24-26 in Newport Beach, CA Indigent Representation Seminar: [...]

2019 TLC2 Grad, Jeremy D’Amico Shares his Challenging Case in Connecticut that Lead to a Family Given Justice

January 9, 2020|

Written and shared by Jeremy D'Amico, TLC2 2019 September Graduate. Jeremy is a licensed trial lawyer in Connecticut and Florida practicing exclusively in the areas of plaintiff's Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Nursing Home Negligence. Dear Warriors, I hope this finds you well. I want to share with [...]

San Diego TLC Trial Lawyer, Omid Rejali, Dedicates His Record-Breaking Verdict to the Trial Lawyers College

October 24, 2019|

  "I have always said and will continue to say that TLC changed my life for the good, forever. I attended my first regional in January 2017 and have attended two subsequent regionals since. I have not had the pleasure of attending the 3-week college but will certainly do so [...]

TLC Grad and Faculty Member, Tommy Davenport on a Recent Story Inside Angola Prison, Louisiana’s State Penitentiary

September 19, 2019|

On Friday, September 6, Dateline's Lester Holt shared a story on Angola, the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He actually stayed in a cell there for a number of days. It is the largest maximum-security prison in the world. It is still a working plantation. It is surrounded by a river and [...]

TLC2 2018 Graduate, David Zagoria Wins Justice After Attending TLC Flagship 3-Week College

August 15, 2019|

"The jurors were all leaning out of the box and the judge was intently watching as I ran across the courtroom pretending to be the dog that grabbed my client's leg (re-enacting what had happened to him). It was the most influential I have ever felt in a courtroom from [...]

“My Time at the Ranch” Article Originally Posted in ‘The Verdict Magazine’, by 2018 Grad, Laura Shamp

May 2, 2019|

Laura Shamp is a recent 2018 September Graduate of the Trial Lawyers College. She is a plaintiff trial lawyer at her firm Shamp Jordan Woodward in Atlanta, Georgia. Laura has tried cases before the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, as well as all [...]

TLC Grad Gets Over $2.5 Million Verdict in Bexar County, Texas on ‘Minor Impact Soft Tissue’ Injury Case

April 4, 2019|

TLC Faculty Leader, Ron Estefan with Israel Garcia "I used the methods I learned at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College and from Psychodrama training workshops to show the jury at a true, deep emotional level what my client had in his life before the crash and what was [...]

Jon Hawk, TLC September ’18 Grad Wins Victory for Client in First Jury Trial After Graduating from the Trial Lawyers College

March 15, 2019|

“It was the best professional decision I have made in my life and the best three weeks of growth as an attorney that I’ve had in twenty-one years of practice. I discovered I was in my ‘lawyer head’ instead of in my heart, which kept me from being the best [...]

Trial Lawyers College is a Tribe of Warriors who Fight for Justice

February 14, 2019|

Gerry Spence says "Constitutional rights are those rights that serve both the innocent and criminal alike. When such rights are wrested from the criminal, they are also taken from us." As stated in the Trial Lawyers College Mission Statement; The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers [...]

TLC2 2017 Grad, Dominic Andriacchi Jr. Brought Justice for Client in Northern Michigan

January 10, 2019|

"This trial was a TLC trial if there ever was one. I did the listening exercise, doubling, all the psychodrama methods I learned, and we were able to reenact the crash during cross-examination. I asked for over a million dollars in a conservative county in Michigan and before trial even [...]

TLC Grad, Chad Newman Discovers the Story of a Sacred Relationship and Wins Fight Against Allstate

November 29, 2018|

"Chad is a TLC grad and uses TLC methods in everything he does. To put a point on it, the defense counsel sent Chad a message after voir dire complimenting him on how authentic, or 'real' he was during jury selection." -Blake Erskine (TLC1'10) Chad Newman is a personal injury [...]

TLC Grad Eric Penn Receives $89.6m Justice for Client in Trucking Negligence

October 19, 2018|

"I feel grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this case. I love the underdog role. It really motivates me. This was the ultimate underdog story. We represented a working class mom (Jennifer) and her three minor children who were devastated from a crash with a Werner 18-wheeler. We [...]

1996 TLC Grad & Faculty Member, K.O. Berger, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for her Longstanding Efforts in Juvenile Advocacy

September 13, 2018|

1996 TLC Graduate and Faculty Member, K.O. Berger was awarded the Julie H. McFarlane Lifetime Achievement Award for Juvenile Advocacy on April 20, 2018, in Newport, Oregon for her impressive longstanding juvenile advocacy casework. ‘K.O. has represented juveniles since 1990. No case — and no kid — scares K.O. away. [...]

Louisiana Immigrant Acquitted on Behalf of TLC Grad & Faculty Member, Tommy Davenport

August 16, 2018|

About a month after Natalya's case was dismissed, her body was found as a result of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound. This blog post is dedicated to the life of Natalya Deville and her family. "In December 2017, I was burned out. I planned on taking some time off during [...]

TLC Grad, Jason Savela Received Verdict of Acquittal for Young Client in Colorado

August 9, 2018|

"When we believe our client is honest, we’re looking for a reason why the complaining witness would necessarily lie, misrepresent the truth, or just be wrong. Basically, we came up with a variety of possible reasons, but we couldn't nail anything down at the beginning of discovery. Although, we did [...]

Trial Lawyers College Intern Awarded Acquittal in First Case Using TLC Methods

July 19, 2018|

Cheryl Carpenter was Dennis Whittie's trial skills adjunct professor at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley School of Law where she quickly became Dennis' long-standing mentor to law and specifically, the Trial Lawyers College methods. "Cheryl gave me my lowest grade in the class for my cross-examination because I came [...]

TLC’s Condemnation Statement

July 9, 2018|

The Trial Lawyers College condemns the policy of The Trump Administration in the criminal arrest of adults at our borders who are seeking political asylum, resulting in the automatic and forced separation from their minor children. We also condemn the automatic and forced separation of children from their parents who [...]

Greg Westfall, TLC’s Criminal Defense Seminar Co-Leader, Expands on Course Structure and Take-Aways

June 14, 2018|

"This year, I'd love to see some personal growth in the ability to look at another persons' circumstances. If you have a particular attitude about race, can you make room for the possibility that someone else has a different attitude and allow yourself to actually listen to it? Having empathy [...]

Chris Trundy and Leigh Johnson on Directing Skills at TLC’s Psychodrama for Lawyers

May 10, 2018|

TLC's Psychodrama for Lawyers 1-Week Program is less than one month away, June 5-11, 2018, and is located at Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. Faculty members Chris Trundy and Leigh Johnson are Co-Leading this course and they provided some insight into their preparation, organization, and importance of the program. The [...]

New York Attorney Paul Barr, Wins Victory for Client after Attending First TLC Regional

April 26, 2018|

"A big takeaway for me after my first Trial Lawyers College Seminar was how I learned to create a 'tribe' with the jury, with me as their leader. The faculty used this terminology – 'Make the jury part of your tribe', because we're all part of the same tribe; the [...]

TLC’s Texas Regional Co-Leaders on ‘Discovering the Story’

March 26, 2018|

Paula and Ron Estefan, and TLC President John Sloan are the faculty co-leaders at the upcoming Trial Lawyers College Regional Seminar in Hunt, Texas focusing on Discovering the Story. April 12-15, 2018. Interested in registering? You can use this link to register now. Ron and Paula Estefan, from Houston, TX [...]

TLC-Trained Attorney in Atlanta, GA Brings Justice to Client: $26 Million Verdict

February 22, 2018|

"Since embracing TLC methods over the past few years, my last five jury trials have resulted in seven-figure verdicts. I know a lot of my success is from TLC; I have learned to be a better listener which leads to being a better storyteller. It’s all about the details. You [...]

From an Initial Offer of $60,000 to a Final $250,000 Settlement After Graduating Trial Lawyers College 3-Week Course

February 8, 2018|

“I’m reminded of a quote I heard years ago, ‘New York is the city that never sleeps’ but truthfully, it’s the city that is never awake, they’re like zombies; they need to de-familiarize themselves from their surroundings and routines to wake up. Going to the 3-Week TLC Course gives you [...]

Influential Tools Students Learn from the Faculty and Psychodramatists at TLC

January 25, 2018|

"I wasn’t focused on trying to be perfect and that’s the influential thing students learn from the faculty and psychodramatists at the Trial Lawyer’s College. When I am in front of a jury, I'm no longer worried about screwing up, being awkward, or mispronouncing someone's name. I'm focused on being [...]

TLC Faculty Bill Gilbert, Accused of Violating ‘Golden Rule’, Scored Victory for Clients

December 21, 2017|

“Despite the defense teams' best efforts to get me to focus on their story-line by refuting their facts and ultimately calling for a mis-trial because I used TLC methods, I maintained my credibility and told my clients’ story at every phase of the trial. And my client was awarded a [...]

Alaska Public Defender, Regan Williams, on TLC Methods to Win Justice for Clients

December 7, 2017|

"Keeping an open mind to being vulnerable and in touch with your own emotions, as touchy-feely as that sounds, is the magic formula for awareness of your case, awareness of the truth of what's really going on, and so many more things in life. I'm grateful to have discovered that at Trial [...]

Project A.W.A.R.E: San Diego Public Defender and TLC faculty member Zaki Zehawi collaborates with ex-Gang Member Reggie Washington to Help Keep Kids Out of Prison

September 20, 2017|

While serving a life sentence, Reggie Washington developed a program to help prisoners. He is now free, and with some help from TLC Faculty member and Public Defender Zaki Zehawi, they are bringing his program to kids on the streets of San Diego.  Interview conducted by TLC Warrior Editor and [...]

Indiana Trial Lawyer Fred Shultz Wins a Slip and Fall

May 29, 2017|

So you won this case for you client -- great!  Can you give use the background of the case? We did, yes!  The case was Marsha Jones vs. AMC Theaters.  It was a straight forward situation. My client, Marsha,  and a friend walked into a movie theater to see a [...]

Baton Rouge’s Christopher Suba on Corporate Greed – Turning Complex Construction Litigation into a Human Story.

April 3, 2017|

When a local construction company and its owner contracted to perform a construction contract for a national outfit and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, his agreement to perform evolved beyond the original scope of work - and even into the "request" that he finance the additional services, all based upon the supposed promise that he would be fairly paid and reimbursed upon completion of the now much larger project. Once the small business owner had performed, the larger corporation overseeing this federal job took THEIR large profit and left the small business owner/subcontractor "holding the bag." Baton Rouge, LA TLC Grad Christopher Suba (Class of 2013) convinced a federal jury that was wrong. Credibility was the key in this betrayal story presented within a "dry" breach of contract case...

Proudly Announcing the Direct Examination Faculty

December 19, 2016|

Betsy Greene Faculty Co-Leader, Nelson Tyrone Faculty Co-Leader, Joe Fried Faculty Co-Leader, Zaki Ali, Jerry Bosch, Jeff Chapdelaine, Rafe Foreman, Don Malarcik, Corinne Mullen, Frank Mungo, Marj Russell, Eddie Schmidt, Debbie Taussig, Render Freeman F Warrior Ambassdor, Josh Schiffer F Warrior Ambassador, Don Clarkson Psychodramatist, Louise Lipman Psychodramatist, John Rasberry Psychodramatist, Mike Traynor Psychodramatist

Even if it kills me, I want to tell my story.

December 3, 2016|

After more than 6 years of legal conflict, cancer, and the death of a partner, TLC graduate Kristopher Ahn's client finally got his day in court. And there, Kris obtained a verdict for his client in excess of $8 million dollars.

Finding the Human Connection in a Business Contract

November 30, 2016|

David Humphreys and Luke Wallace are on the faculty at the Trial Lawyer’s College and are trial lawyers who specialize in consumer law at Humphreys, Wallace, Humphreys in Tulsa, OK. They have an incredible record of multi-million dollar verdicts, while bringing important justice to their clients. Every day, David and Luke apply what they teach at the Trial Lawyer’s College in preparing their client’s cases. The goal is to find, and then present, the human element of the case that the jury can connect to. Since their graduation from law school, it was clear to David and Luke that law school never trained them to listen to their clients and develop a case in this way. There was no class that showed them how to look for the message that will resonate with a jury. In their search for a better way, David discovered the Trial Lawyer’s College. He had been trying cases at the time, but it wasn't going great and they didn't turn out right. What he learned at TLC, back in 1994, was life changing. At David’s urging, Luke attended the College as well and today they use the TLC methods in every case, at every opportunity, and with every jury. I was able to sit down with David and Luke to talk with them about what has made them so successful over the years.

A bad influence, a racist HOA member, and a corrupt system could have changed the entire course of this young man’s life.

September 7, 2016|

Congratulations on your win, Jim. Can you tell us about the case? The case involves a 15 year old Hispanic boy. I received a call from his mother telling me her son was charged with a felony of deadly conduct, that he didn’t do it, that a surveillance video proves it and that his court-appointed attorney was not helping him.

Defense offered $50K. 4 focus groups said “Defense Verdict”. But thru the use of story structure, Joey Low was able to unlock the key to the case and win $10.5 million in justice.

August 12, 2016|

The class president of a high school was asked to be involved in a pep rally to get the students excited. It was the afternoon before their championship game, the coach was a couple of years new and he was getting ready to set a new record, and on top of that the coach from USC was there to see the game and interview some of the kids for scholarships.

A Victory for Sisters by Greg Reeves

December 9, 2013|

I represent June and Carolyn. Sisters. Salt of the earth people. Quiet. Reserved. They had married, worked, raised children, buried family, and they found themselves at 76 and 79 years of age, living

How Justice Was Served

July 3, 2013|

Ken Turek attended TLC in 1998 and has been on the TLC Faculty since 1999.  Earlier this year, TLC alum Howard Kitay asked Ken to help on the case of Dan Bean, a 42-year-old man who was rear-ended at

A Victory for Justice

June 12, 2013|

Congratulations to TLC Faculty Member and 2002 alumni, Andy Vickery, for a receiving a plaintiff's verdict for his clients in a negligence case against a pharmaceutical company that knew people were

An Infusion of Courage

May 8, 2013|

After 35 years practicing law, surprises are infrequent.Pleasant surprises even less frequent.My recent attendance at the Closing Argument Regional was a pleasant surprise and one worth summarizing.I

Update on Gerry’s Trial

January 3, 2013|

Mistrial declared as jurors disavow verdictsThe case for damages for wrongful imprisonment takes a surprising turnAn article from the Des Moines Register(December 15, 2012) A federal judge on Friday

Happy Holidays from TLC

December 25, 2012|

Happy Holidays fellow Warrior for Justice!May you all reflect on the past year, feel proud for all you have done to fight for justice for the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the

Alumnus Reflections on Gerry’s Trial

December 13, 2012|

I have heard a lot of arguments since 2000. I have heard a lot of "stuff" about what works and what does not.This Thursday and Friday, I heard the real deal.I will be the first to admit that my ego is

Update on Gerry’s latest trial

December 11, 2012|

Lawyers: Men were framed for murder, seek 'justice'An article from the Des Moines Register(December 7, 2012) Two men wrongly convicted of a 1977 murder who spent “25 years in hell, where there is no

Discovering the story of the accused

October 17, 2012|

Recently Maren Chaloupka (TLC '99 Grad & Faculty Member) represented a man, a religious man, a pastor of the church against the allegations of "rape" brought against him by his wife of 30 years.The

1997 grad takes on, and beats, the IRS

September 25, 2012|

We are proud to report that 1997 TLC Grad Patrick A. Mullin took on and beat the IRS! Here is the PRNewswire article that circulated on the web and is featured in the Bloomberg Businessweek.NEW YORK,

The Power of the TLC Soft Cross

September 20, 2012|

Haytham Faraj, TLC '09 Grad & Faculty Member. My recent jury trial victory in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia did not involve huge sums of money, at least not if measured by some

My tribute to the July 2012 Class

August 22, 2012|

Some thoughts... I've been on staff since 1998.... I don't remember a group of students so willing to come out of the chute running full speed like this class did...The first small group I sat with

It Might be a Million Dollar Case

July 24, 2012|

Tony Vitz, TLC 99' Grad & Faculty Member.      What is a person’s job worth, especially in this economy? When Walter was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), he knew he was in jeopardy of

THE JURY was my biggest fear.

June 18, 2012|

Leo Finucane, TLC '97 Grad. TLC List Serve, 6/12/2012Folks,A little debriefing from last week's trial because I get so much from it when you do it.I settled Linda's case after jury selection and a day

Walgreen’s forced to pay!

June 11, 2012|

Kenneth Behrend - TLC '08 Grad. This was my FIRST jury trial since graduating from the college in 2008. Wow, what a difference there is in the experience of trying a case after TLC!!!

Bob Hilliard Slams Coca-Cola

May 18, 2012|

Ron Estefan, President - F Warriors Alumni Board - 05' Grad.Warriors,Our TLC brother, Bob Hilliard, from the class of 1995 heard the sound of justice for his client last Friday. A Coca Cola truck

My first solo jury trial

May 3, 2012|

Aida Spahic, TLC ’10 Grad - May 3, 2012On April 27, 2012 I went to trial for a client accused of domestic violence and larceny.  Specifically, he was accused of choking his ex-girlfriend, with whom he

Terry Lenamon Saves a Life!

May 1, 2012|

Maren Chaloupka – TLC Faculty & ’99 GradTerry Lenamon (TLC '11 7-Step Grad), death penalty warrior in Florida, saved the life of his client Josh this week - - after a lengthy, graphic and

CitiMortgage goes down

March 31, 2012|

Christopher Youngs, TLC ’10 Grad. I just won summary judgment against CitiMortgage in a case which -- in the beginning -- I did not think we could win.  I proved that CitiMortgage is a greedy cheat. 

My first trial after TLC

March 30, 2012|

John Mittelman, TLC ‘10 Grad. Fellow Warriors:I left the Ranch on October 2, 2010.  On Oct. 15 I had an unlawful detainer trial, my first trial after TLC.  I represent tenants only in unlawful

Hunting for Justice

March 15, 2012|

Lynda Carter - TLC '10 Grad I have to relay this here as it has been the most fun I have had in trial to date. This case was referred to me by Jerry Bosch from Wyoming. My client was charged with

Liza’s rape case – $16.9M Verdict

March 13, 2012|

Todd Kelly - TLC '09 Grad. Thanks to everyone.  Here is what I wrote while waiting on the jury to come back…“Gabriel made me get on my hands and knees. He did something to my butt. He got my back

Another Marine free to live his life!

February 27, 2012|

By Haytham FarajWuterich was charged with killing five men who dismounted from a car after an IED exploded and began to run away.  They had been taught by lawyers who are experts in the rules of

Acquittal in Bremer County

February 17, 2012|

James P. Moriarty - TLC 97' Grad, Rainbow Warrior. Hello.Several people have asked for details on the acquittal I got on January 13 in Bremer County, IAMy client Mindy had bought a house that had been

Tran Trang kicking butt!

February 15, 2012|

Robert W. Schmidt. Warriors,Tran Trang just kicked some defense lawyer “blur-the-issues-double-talk-bullshit” ass and got our conservative 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to hold an arbitration agreement

Students Win Sexual Harassment Case Against School Board

December 19, 2011|

TLC Faculty members Eddie Schmidt (Nashville,TN) and Ann Johnson (Houston, TX) recently sued the school system for violation of Title IX, which prohibits sexual harassment of students. The plaintiffs claimed that school officials had actual knowledge of the harassment and acted with deliberate indifference by failing to institute an appropriate disciplinary response.

Elk Grove woman wins $7.6M in UC Davis malpractice suit

December 11, 2011|

TLC's Grads, Brooks Cutter and Eric Ratinoff won a verdict on behalf of a 22 year old woman who was paralyzed from her chest down after the U.C. Davis Medical Center failed to identify a mass on her spine that appeared in her MRI films. $7.6 million is believed to be one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Sacramento County history.

Orderly Conduct in the Courtroom

September 18, 2011|

We got a not guilty on a public disorderly conduct case in Georgetown, SC today - police testified that our client Teresa was extremely intoxicated and that she continued to curse at the officer after he warned her to stop.

Risks and Journeys

September 13, 2011|

By Jude Basile Reprinted from the Warrior Magazine Back in 1997, I climbed the Grand Teton. I had never rock-climbed before. I had seen the Tetons and often wondered what it would be like to reach the top. So, I decided to do it. After two days of instruction with Exum guides, the premier mountaineering guiding outfit in all of the National Parks, we did an all day hike to the "saddle". The saddle is the "U" shaped area just south of the summit and has long been used as the base camp for the final ascent.

CA Warrior Gary Wenkle Smith spares his client’s life

September 10, 2011|

On August 19, Gary Wenkle Smith wrote: “Today the jury acquitted my client of three counts of murder. He shot and killed three people. I argued self-defense. He walked out of the courthouse today a free man. The voir dire, opening statement, cross-examination, direct of our witnesses, and closing were all based upon what I have learned from TLC.”

Jude Basile on the Howell Case

September 9, 2011|

When a tortiously injured person receives medical care for his or her injuries, the provider of that care often accepts as full payment, pursuant to a preexisting contract with the injured person’s health insurer, an amount less than that stated in the provider’s bill. In that circumstance, may the injured person recover from the tortfeasor, as economic damages for past medical expenses, the undiscounted sum stated in the provider’s bill but never paid by or on behalf of the injured person? We hold no such recovery is allowed, for the simple reason that the injured plaintiff did not suffer any economic loss in that amount.


August 15, 2011|

This is a summary of my trial, what worked and what I thought I could do better. This might encourage some of you to take some risks in the future. I came back from TLC with a big back load and had to jump into a jury trial the following week that was worked up by my associate. The trial was in another county so I stayed in a hotel. My client bought a house through a real estate agent. After moving in my client experienced some water in the basement because there were no sump pump in the sump crock. He put two pumps in the sump crock which eliminated the problem, but these pumps run continuously from February through April. The case was against one of Wisconsin’s largest real estate agencies. The seller (owner) also acted as the listing agent for the house. The agency hired the best trial lawyer in the county where the case was venued.

Ranch Magic: July 2011 TLC

August 10, 2011|

I attended the July 2011 session of the college at the Ranch. I went into the experience thinking I knew what to expect because I have worked and talked with past graduates about the college. However, I soon discovered that I really had no idea what I was in for. The ranch was simply amazing. I have never in my life been in a place as beautiful and serene as Thunderhead Ranch. People have said the Ranch is “magical” and I have to agree, that is the best way to describe it.

Better than the movies

August 3, 2011|

My client, Rene, was 33 at the time he suffered this injury. He was shooting baskets with a co-worker, Rob, before work. They were on the court for 15 minutes. Rene was jogging after a rebound and slipped on a puddle of water, which Rob described as 6- 8 inches in diameter - the size of a personal pizza. Rene suffered ankle fractures on both sides of his ankle requiring orif surgery with two plates and 21 screws. Nine month later a second surgery removed all hardware but one screw and a third surgery was done to address a painful neuroma that developed at the site of the incision on his ankle. He developed post traumatic arthritis and is projected to undergo at least one ankle fusion in the future, possibly a second based on his relative young age, currently 36.

TLC Local Groups Session in Houston

May 13, 2011|

By Jim McMillen, TLC 2001I was fortunate to be a part of an outstanding TLC session at Ron Estefan, Andy Vickery, Andy Rubenstein, and Todd Kelly’s office here in Houston to help Marinia Douenat

Akron Law Faculty Profile: Dana Cole

May 13, 2011|

from the Akron Law MagazineAKRON LAW SPRING 2011Faculty ProfilesLaw Lessons: Dana Cole (TLC Staff and 1995 Graduate)Associate Professor of LawI had planned to go to graduate school in psychology, but

Joe Beat City Hall

May 12, 2011|

By Christopher J. Youngs, TLC July 2010Joe is a lieutenant with the city Fire Department here in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The Department is small - only 15 members. And Joe screwed up bigtime. In

How would that help your client?

April 13, 2011|

Case tried by Brad Frizzell, TLC 2010I have a client who has had one fusion and needs three more because he fell when the truck step of his rig broke. He has 8 kids and worked around the clock to

TLC at its best!

April 13, 2011|

Art Lloyd, TLC 2009, writes about a TLC Meeting held in Long Beach.It was TLC at it's best in Long Beach on Saturday. Mark Choate from Alaska, Jane Oatman from Fallbrook and her husband Mark (with the

Beating the “Concurrent Cause”

April 13, 2011|

By Ken Behrend, TLC 2008After 14 months of waiting, this morning I received an order from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania denying allocator to the defendant insurance company's petition seeking

My First TLC Trial

April 13, 2011|

By Randal Kelly, TLC 2010I took a verdict in my first TLC trial in March. It was a case I inherited from a TV advertiser that I didn’t want from the start. It involved some bad facts on both liability

A Perfect Powwow

April 13, 2011|

By Frank Fox, on the 2011 Sleeping Lady Washington SeminarAs tall pines and towering peaks beckon aboveAn owl hoots, a moose calls, a creek talksListening, your spirit lifts in the mistAt the end of a

Re-enactment and Role Reversal

April 13, 2011|

Case tried by Bill Clanton, TLC 2010On May 1, 2008 my client, an African-American man, was enjoying a motorcycle ride with a group of acquaintances on a road that winds though the Texas Hill Country.

My Take on the Florida Seminar

March 14, 2011|

By Alice HarrisWhen I learned that TLC was having a conference in Florida, I was immediately interested. Jim Jenkins and Chris Klotz, both TLC graduates, had spoken highly of TLC's impact on their

The New Rules in Trucking Discovery

March 14, 2011|

Congratulations to Morgan Adams, who recently published an article, "The New Rules in Trucking Discovery" in the latest Trial magazine from AAJ. Download it here! You can read Morgan’s blog on

Telling George’s Story

March 14, 2011|

by Bobby Frederick, TLC 2009I went to trial Monday in South Carolina, on charges of a chop shop violation (carries up to five years), and got a completely unexpected directed verdict of not guilty

The Legend of Reginald Burks

March 3, 2011|

by Cheryl Carpenter, TLC StafferI wanted to share the Ambrose Law Group's (Dan, Bill and Aida) new website about their recent murder acquittal. I've never seen a website like this. It's completely

The TLC Regional Seminar at Big Sur

February 9, 2011|

Thanks to Gary Wenkle Smith, TLC 2000, for answering the call and writing this essay on his experience at the California regional!As always, I went to the Big Sur Regional with great anticipation of a

Justice for Alicia

February 9, 2011|

By Michael E. Moore, TLC 2010Be careful what you ask for, because you may get it! I’d been dying to take a case to jury trial. Felt like a bad ass ready to try anything after getting my medicine bag

Psychodrama Works!

February 9, 2011|

Written by Travis Black, TLC 2004 Pychodrama Works!I just finished a two week trial in Placerville, CA. This is a real redneck town, in fact its nick name is "Hang Town." The pervasive thoughts are

The Grad II train!

February 9, 2011|

Written by Maren Chaloupka about Staffer Lonnie Stanga's victory The Grad II 2010 train is still charging forward. This week, Lonnie Stanga won a trial that featured every lousy fact available to

Jury acquits man of spying for Iraq

February 9, 2011|

Haytham Faraj's (TLC 2009) recent acquittal has garnered a lot of press. Read about the case here, or in the Washington Post, on NBC San Diego, the Detroit News, or the LA Times. Jan 14, 2011 (Detroit

Jury acquits man of police assault

February 7, 2011|

Case tried by Henry Sherrod, TLC 2010!FLORENCE - A Lauderdale County Circuit jury deliberated more than eight hours over two days before finding an Anderson man not guilty Friday of assaulting two

Cindy’s Case

January 12, 2011|

Written by Nelson Tyrone, Staff Member and 2000 TLC GradScroll to the bottom to read an article published on this case in the Daily Report.Thanks to everyone for the kind words and thanks to all the

Telling Helen’s Story

January 11, 2011|

How the 2009 Advanced Seminar helped me tell Helen's storyBy Greg Eiesland, TLC 2004Last fall I had the opportunity to tell Helen's story to a South Dakota jury. Helen graduated from college in 1929.

Starbucks Pays Big!

December 26, 2010|

TLC Class of 2011 Graduate John Gomez, just sued Starbucks & won! Fellow classmates recall John working on this case throughout their work at the Thunderhead Ranch. Read below for all the details on this case: Cup of woe: $7.5 million award to man who fell at Starbucks

Chewing Tobacco Maker Agrees To $5M Settlement

December 10, 2010|

Case tried by TLC Staffer, Antonio Ponvert!! The maker of Skoal and Copenhagen smokeless tobacco has agreed to pay $5 million to the family of a man who died of mouth cancer in what is believed to be the first wrongful-death settlement won from a chewing tobacco company.

Ninja Warriors: The Death Penalty Seminar

December 7, 2010|

The journey back to TLC for the Death Penalty College (a.k.a. Ninja Camp) began at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. some 12 years after my last visit. When I arrived in the Jackson Hole airport, I headed for the rest room. Events in rest rooms played an important role in my experience at The Ranch.

Summary of the Garcia Murder Trial, by Emily Detoto

December 7, 2010|

Jose Garcia was an hispanic male living in a very rural town and was arrested based on the word of his "friend" who was the actual killer, for the murder of a former Marine at a well known bar in Angleton called the "Railhead" bar. The evidence the State was relying on was the "friend's" testimony, a drop of blood belonging to my client at the scene, a scratch on my client's face, and my client's videotape statement, wherein he denied knowledge of the crime, and lied about his whereabouts.

Former deputy not guilty

November 20, 2010|

Tried by TLC Staffer, Deb Ellis! FAIRMONT - Jurors only took an hour Thursday to find a former Watonwan County deputy not guilty of possessing stolen property. Jose A. Lopez stood accused of having a stolen skid loader on his property. But Lopez's attorney, Deborah Ellis, argued Lopez bought the Bobcat in good faith, having no idea it was stolen.

Jury acquits Clute man in killing

October 26, 2010|

Tried by TLC grad, Emily Detoto! ANGLETON — After hearing the words that made him free Friday, Jose Garcia immediately reached over and hugged his attorney with tears in his eyes.

Killer Timothy O’Reilly is spared from execution by federal jury

August 25, 2010|

Killer Timothy O'Reilly is spared from execution by federal jury Read more: Killer Timothy O'Reilly is spared from execution by federal jury Rick Kammen, a TLC grad and his team worked tirelessly for their client Tim O'Reilly. By DAVID ASHENFELTER AND TRESA BALDAS FREE PRESS STAFF WRITERS In the end, jurors couldn’t unanimously decide whether Timothy O’Reilly actually pulled the trigger that killed an armored car guard. That was the key factor today that spared the 37-year-old Detroit man from a federal death sentence for murdering Total Armored Services guard Norman Stephens, a 30-year-old married father of six, during a 2001 robbery at a Dearborn Federal Credit Union. The verdict, which came after six hours of deliberations and a six-week trial, brought tears of joy to O’Reilly’s parents and disappointment to Stephens’ grieving family members.

In Koua Fong Lee case, justice delayed was justice denied

August 15, 2010|

August 15, 2010 In Koua Fong Lee case, justice delayed was justice denied Litigated by TLC grad, Bob Hilliard. By Jon Tevlin, Star Tribune On Thursday afternoon, Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner stood in front of the courthouse in St. Paul and delivered this message just before Koua Fong Lee was released from prison: "I believe the system worked, and this is a very good day for the criminal justice system."

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